Thank You and Registration

Women Inspired : Sunshine Coast 2022


Congratulations on taking this inspired action! You stand amongst an incredible selection of exceptional Australian women, all of whom are ready to proclaim their own achievements, great and small.

The story presented in this beautiful text is not a simply biography or resume of those achievements however: it is a testament to your will, strength and creativity as a leader. You may be very clear on how you inspire others and then again, you mightn’t understand what all the fuss is about. Let us be very clear: you are incredible. You inspire others with your actions and words. Your story is important and worth preserving.

As part of your inclusion within Women Inspired : Australia you will receive:

– A double page spread within the book.

– A photograph within the book, chosen from one of 3 stills produced by Jaya at Empire Art Photography.

– A written story of 500 words produced by Megan Krolik.

– A photo shoot with Jaya at Empire Art Photography and 3 of images from that shoot.

– An Interview with either Megan or Jaya

– A hard copy of Women Inspired : Australia

– Exclusive access to purchase first print books.

COST: $795

Once payment has been received, you will be contacted by Megan Krolik (writer) and Jaya McIntyre (photographer) . You will be asked to:

1. Fill out a questionnaire designed to inform the interview.

2. Commit to an interview session (online or in person) with Megan and/or Jaya.

3. Commit to a photo shoot with Jaya.

Your attendance to these three responsibilities is necessary for the smooth publishing of the book to deadline.

Women Inspired : Australia will be a beautiful visual and written hard copy book, an excellent addition to your office, business or living space.


Please Contact us if you have any questions. – Women Inspired